"What a bunch of A-holes" 

lolololol. Awesome gajeel Mix Vol. 1

Well this is long overdue ;v;.. i tried to finish it since last week.. but .. school, and then gajevy week *u* (cos i simply cant miss that) .. and then more school OTL and then comic OTL 

XD — so this happened cos me and my boyfie was talking about the guardians of the galaxy and that he said Groot is somehow like droy.. only stronger. This escalated to jet being a snooty raccoon, Gajeel being someone who calls himself starlord, Levy having Green skin and Pantherlily having anger management issues. :3

i tried to make jet look cuter and smaller— to fit the raccoon-y-ness.

I’m not happy with droy’s design. basiczlly.. i wanted him to look like a brown woody mandora XD (google mandora) but yeah. if ever i decide to draw more of them as these.. yeah I’ll fix it.


Fairy Tail Chapter 396 - Air | Gajeel & Levy
1 minute was able to save their lives.


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