someone take my computer away.

why is this meme real? why did i succumb to this?

oh my god sobbing


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tooruoikawass asked: i'm happy that you are happy - 3 - <3 <3 te quiero dudecita

dudecita yo te quiero mássss <3 y mil gracias, eres un cosito bello /);v;(\

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Today’s been such a good day!!

Momma woke up with great humor and wasn’t feeling any pain, the sun is out and shining a lot!!! The sky is clear and my thesis advisor told me my thesis is going well!! I saw @kisachanlove and she made me company for lunch, she’s really the sweetest <3 I’ve been all day at university and it’s been great, I’ll see Lucciana later and a friend will pay me FINALLYYYY. Yup, a pretty good, great day and I’m so happy to finally have one!! I’ve been feeling so bad for months and today has relaxed me a lot and I can’t help but smile a lot.

I love days like this, I am very grateful for them! I really am grateful for everything I have and for everyone I know, thank you all. Thanks, thanks <3

Today I am happy.

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